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Patrick Riordan

AIA President Riordan Construction

Austin, TX

I want to commend you on the excellent Study Manual you have organized to help your students prepare for the North Carolina Building Contractor's Examination. Having personally and successfully taken Contractor's exams in several other states, including California and Florida, two of the toughest in the nation, I can tell you that the North Carolina exam ranks right up there as a tough and taxing examination. Your Study Manual was exactly the right tool to help me learn the North Carolina codes and building law in an easy and time efficient manner.


I would give your product the strongest recommendation possible. Your materials are focused, accurate and efficiently laid out making studying an easy task. The multiple practice examinations you provided were an incredibly helpful tool to me and fit perfectly into my personal method of studying for this kind of exam. And the low costs for your Study Manual saved me hundreds of dollars as I did not need to purchase any of the recommended books and manuals.


Contractors are fond of saying the right tool for the right job.

Your Study Manual is that tool!

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