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Basic Information

This license will allow a Commercial Building Contractor to perform contracts that include “construction, remodeling, repair, improvement, removal, or demolition on real property.

The Cost for the Virginia Commercial Building Technical License Study Manual with Permanent Tabs is $ 400.00. This fee is good for 12 months.

You will receive a Notebook of Study Materials with all of the areas that need to be highlighted in the 12 required books and permanent tabs that are allowed in the PSI Testing Facility. Exam questions for the 12 required books and all of the reference books used. I have around 1000 study and practice questions to help you study and prepare for this test. 

Estimating calculations that will assist you when actually taking the test. These questions are very similar to the actual questions you will see on the test.

We receive updated information almost daily from students who have taken the exam recently. Before you actually take the test, we keep you informed of all of this new information plus any book changes that occur by email.

Facts About the Test

  • There are 10 Categories that make up the Virginia Commercial Building Technical Contractor Test

  • There are 80 questions plus 10 experimental questions, You Must Pass 70% Correct in Order to Pass the Exam

  • You Have 180 Minutes to Complete the Test

  • This is an 12 open book test, we will provide information and exam study questions for each of these books and reference books.

  • This test is administrated in several states including Virginia.

Virginia Commercial Building Technical  Contractor Study Manual

  • This manual is designed to teach you the things you need to know in order to pass the Virginia Commercial Building Technical License Examination.

  • Has all the things that will most likely show up on the actual test.

  • Is designed to help individuals with years of experience in the construction industry and those with no experience at all.

  • Caters to tradesmen and women who have worked in the industry all their life and to individuals who want to get a new career start.

  • Has all of the study information needed and actual exam questions you will see on the Virginia Commercial Building Technical Contractor Exam.

  • Contains estimating questions to help with these questions for the seasoned professional or a novice with no calculating skills at all.

  • The manual is broken down step by step so the information can be made easier to remember.

  • Updated information is added weekly from students that just took the exam.

Books Required for the Virginia Commercial Building Technical Contractor Exam

1) Code of Federal Regulation - 29 CFR Part 1926

2) International Building Code 2015 Edition

3) Accessible and Usable Building Facilities 2009 Edition

4) Technical Digest No. 9 - Handling and Erection of Steel Joist and Joist Girders 3rd Edition

5) Carpentry and Building Construction 2010 or 2016 Edition

6) Gypsum Construction Handbook 2014 Edition

7) Placing Reinforcing Bars 9th Edition

8) Contractors Guide to Quality Concrete 3rd Edition

9) Roof Construction and Estimating 1995 Edition

10) Modern Masonry 8th Edition

11) SDI Manual Construction of Steel Deck 2nd Edition

12) Pipe and Excavation Contracting 2011 Edition

What is Allowed in the Textbooks

You are allowed to highlight standards and codes in all of the above books that are allowed in the Testing Facility. You are also allowed to underline these as well if that is your choice.

Very Important

**You are not allowed to write in them in any fashion. Do not write in them during the Exam either, they can recheck them at their discretion. You are not allowed to leave with any of the information wrote down in the books or on paper.

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